EMS Billing & Collections

Helping Your Department Maximize Reimbursements and Capture More Revenue From its Emergency Medical Services

As a provider of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), your Department knows that claims submittal and follow-up are essential to maximize revenue.  Failure to submit clean claims electronically and then to follow-up on unpaid or denied claims is the greatest cause of failed claims and lower returns.  By partnering with a billing company who has operated successfully for 18 years, your Department can maximize the revenue offered through their EMS services.

QMACS's 18 years of successful medical billing and collection services has been strengthened by the integration and recent growth of our Information Technology (IT) department.  Technology has become a common denominator in all facets of the medical billing industry.  From claim submission and charge posting, to ICD-10-CM/CPT coding and auditing, our IT Department has been instrumental in the successes of our partners.

QMAC's recent partnership with ZOLL Medical Corporation has added the expertise and needed to accomplish our EMS partners’ goals of higher revenues and advanced reporting capabilities, which offers our clients the ability to know how much money is out there, and how fast it is being collected on a day to day basis.

Our billing partners look to us for higher collection percentages and a consistent revenue stream to maximize their EMS capabilities.

QMACS appreciates the vital EMS responsibilities and services performed by the Fire/EMS Department personnel.  QMACS understands the need of the City to partner with a qualified billing and collections company who operates with the City’s best interest in mind, and recognizes some of the important requirements:

  • Detailed Collection Process
  • Technological Prowess
  • Financial Stability
  • Extensive Follow up of all unpaid Claims

We know what it takes to meet the demands of capturing as much revenue for the City’s EMS services in a timely manner without over-taxing your budget.  QMACS proposes its billing and collection services through ZOLL’s RescueNet Billing Solution. Our firm’s expertise coupled with this advanced, proven solution from ZOLL, satisfies the above-listed requirements and provides the City with many benefits, including features which help monitor claims for errors and reduce receivable turnaround times to maximize cash flow.  These features allow QMACS to keep claims from slipping through the cracks, speed up collections, and generate powerful business analysis and productivity reports.

QMACS Advantages:

  • Proven Results
  • Electronic Submission
  • Customer Service
  • Principled Coding
  • Customized Reporting
  • Patient Confidentiality
  • HIPPA Compliant


Call Center

Our fifteen (15) person, in-house, bi-lingual call center is open between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, and is able to offer customizable services to your Department through the use of our ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center such as:

Offering a local telephone number to your patients.
Offering a toll-free telephone number to your patients.
Instructing our call center personnel to answer telephone inquiries in a manner acceptable to your Department, such as: “(Your City) EMS billing, how may I help you?”

Our Call Center’s telephone number is published on all mailings sent by QMACS.


QMACS maintains strong controls over the vast amount of confidential data that we deal with on a daily basis and retain during the course of our business.  Our security controls include both physical and electronic measures to ensure data security coupled with strong policies that encourage employees and business partners to safe guard all data that they handle on a daily basis.  

All of the data that we store and utilize in our secure computing environment is encrypted and stored in such a manner that only authorized users have access to the data they need to complete particular job functions.  This limited visibility to private and or confidential data limits the opportunity of the miss-use of data.

The physical security of QMACS data is provided by limited access to computing resources.   This physical limitation specifically prevents unauthorized access to the QMACS datacenter, provides only authorized users authority to utilize computing resources, and prevents the extraction of data to devices such as USB thumb drives.

QMACS maintains logs and tracks the use of private and confidential data so that we can proactively respond to any potential security breach.

We have adopted several companywide policies that ensure that QMACS handles data in a manner that is consistent with HIPPA, Red Flag Guidelines, Federal and State regulations.  The safeguarding of confidential data is woven into the culture of QMACS.  

ZOLL Medical Company

QMACS is a preferred billing partner of ZOLL Medical Corporation.  ZOLL’s RescueNet billing solution is an essential tool for QMACS’ EMS business.  Not only does the RescueNet Billing Suite offer a seamless interface with many of the most widely used ePCRs, its intuitive features help our staff to monitor claims for errors and also reduces receivable turnaround times which helps maximize cash flow for your Department.  This process allows our managers an overview of each departmental workload, including charge posting, coding, and billing of third party payors.  This function in turn gives our managers the data needed to organize the workday and avoid mistakes that can lead to denials.  These features allow QMACS to keep claims from slipping through the cracks, speed up collections, and generate powerful business analysis and productivity reports.

The partnership between QMACS and ZOLL will help your Department to achieve better data for the administration, seamless transition and higher revenue, along with the highest level of compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations, including HIPAA-5010 compliance. 

The functionality of RescueNet Billing allows access to all standard reports which can be provided on any schedule that meets the Department’s needs.  The typical QMACS billing partner receives a set of standard reports on a monthly basis.