QMACS offers physicians, hospitals, and healthcare service companies a comprehensive and thorough consulting package. Our process assessment, gap analysis, and performance improvement recommendations are geared toward creating and maintaining compliance initiatives, maximizing resources, and increasing profitability.

QMACS Advantages:

  • CPC Certified Coders
  • Organized Functionality
  • 24 Hour Posting
  • Electronic Submission


Billing Audit

QMACS will conduct an in-depth analysis of your practice’s billing, coding, and follow- up, collection and accounts receivable procedures. Billing Audits typically result in enhanced reimbursements to the practice, and new efficiencies due to procedure modification. QMACS will asses the Work flow of the billing staff as well as, job tasks, and functions of each individual staff member.

Practice Start-Up Services

QMACS Inc. has over 18 years of experience in practice start up. Our expert advice and guidance is what you need when before you go out on your own, our clients have not only succeeded in the practices we have helped them start up, we have helped them exceed their expectations. Doing it correctly the first time is the key. We can help you get there.

Compliance Audit

An in-depth analysis of a medical practice’s billing, coding, and documentation procedures. It is done to determine if the medical practice is following the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services and other payer’s guidelines for appropriate, medically necessary, billing.

Our review will address any deficit or weakness within the billing area that may expose the practice to problems with the public and private payers. The review addresses coding accuracy and can help determine under-coding as well as over coding. 

Fee Schedule Analysis

The QMACS fee schedule analysis will assist you in determining how your fees compare to market rates and if you are being paid according to your managed care contracts.